At Roja Art Conservation, we offer you our professional service on traditional and contemporary painting restoration. You can contact us for the restoration and conservation of your artworks on canvas or for all painted surfaces. 

      We handle the restoration process of oil paintings, which is the most common production technique in the field of art, in a very comprehensive way.
  In addition to the canvas, we carefully examine its elements such as the chassis (stretcher support), lining, paint layer, and varnish. 

There are many natural and external causes of deterioration in artworks made with oil paint on canvas and all other painted surfaces. These types of deterioration can cause structural or aesthetic problems.

At Roja Art Conservation, we would like to remind you that we provide free consultancy and inspection services for your artworks.

As a result of an expert examination, the existing damage, its causes, and the necessary protection and restoration practices will determine by us for you.